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Aspela Source's Healing Spirit

Deep in the woods of Aspela Source is a lake. According to myths, there is a healing spirit that can cure any ailment.

The story

It has been centuries now since King Azara of Aspela hunted in the Aspela Source woods. It was a sunny day with clear skies. Azara and his friends were hunting in the woods for deer. On the second day, Leonard, one of king Azara's friends got attacked by a bear. Since the nearest city was at least a day's travel, Leonard asked to see the Aspela Source lake one last time. When they arrived, the king started pleading to the gods and anything that would listen to restore his friend. A spirit showed themself and offered to help. The king complied and brought Leonard forward. After placing him in the water, the spirit started to heal him.


While there have been no official recordings of the spirit, there are regular pilgrimages to the lake. A shrine has been built at the location where it supposedly happened.

Healing spirit

According to the description of King Azara, the healing spirit is feminine, with light blue skin and white hair. While healing it created waves in the water surrounding the body. Afterwards it disappeared, leaving behind a silver rose petal. This rose petal is on display in the Out Of Time Museum.   Some believe the healing spirit will only reveal themself again if a pilgrim offers the silver rose petal. While attempts to steal the petal have been made, none have been able to take it from the museum.

In Art

To commemorate this event, King Azara comissioned a painting, which still hangs in the castle in Bridgescot.
Date of Setting
16 Palesin 1464


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