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Eldarran Dwarves

Eldarran dwarves in Paldurog roam all countries. Most of them, however, live in Thuggan.


Dwarves are skilled warriors and miners. Eldarran Dwarves, however, specialize in healing magic and inventions. Some of the Eldarrans are well known artificers. 


While families are important, clans mean everything. To bring dishonor to your clan is the biggest dishonor possible. Those dwarves are usually exiled from their clan. Eldarran dwarves have embraced exiled dwarves in the past if they have extreme stills. Often to become artificers.  Clans do not have to live close to each other, but often do. They usually specialize in one trade, like the Clan of Steel, famed for forging Expertforged weapons. 


Dwarven beard oil

One of the prized exports of the dwarves is the famous beard oil. Famed for how soft it makes the beards, while also having the famous scent.  Many have tried to replicate it and all have failed.

Price and rarity

The price and rarity of the beard oil depends on how far away it is from Thuggan. In Thuggan , the price is usually 25 gold per flask and are found in general stores, but in the Othron Empire , the price per flask is 100 gold and is only sold barbershops.


The auto-miner is a pickaxe that automatically stores the mined resources into a special backpack of holding. These 2 items have to be linked in advance and cannot be unlinked.

Price and rarity

The price of the auto-miner starts at 1000 gp. The price goes up based on the quality of the pickaxe and the size in the backpack of holding.


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