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Sunfall is a festival that occurs 31st of Shortnight to celebrate the new year. It is a mostly human tradition.


The 31st of Shortnight is the end of the year in Paldurog and is also the shortest night.

As far as we can learn from the history books, Sunfall was a ritual first done around -2300 to return the sun. Every year since, the ritual was performed until humans became enlightened enough to understand the sun returned on a cycle, not because of the ritual. This, however, didn't stop the yearly ritual, although it became a tradition instead.

Other races

Although Sunfall was a human tradition, it is also celebrated in minor capacity amongst the elves. A notable example is the celebration in Rivenglow in 1794-1795. The celebration started in the city and progressed towards the crossroads leading up to Cinnanook. There, multiple casters summoned meteor swarms. While this was a spectacle to behold, the resulting damage took months to fix.

Sunfall hasn't gained any traction amongst the dwarves in Thuggan.


Traditionally, oilballs are made and eaten during the celebration of Sunfall. These oilballs are made by making a dough from flour, eggs, yeast, some salt, milk, baking powder and raisins. These are then cooked in oil, hence the name. The oilballs are served with powdery sugar.


To celebrate, most overaged people let the alcohol flow. Traditionally mead is served.  


To celebrate the new year and Sunfall, spells are cast into the air. These include fire bolts, pyrotechnics and even fireballs. In some controlled places, meteor swarm is cast.  

Rules & Regulations

Because of the destructive nature of some of the spells used and because of the drunken spellcasters, more and more people are asking for laws prohibiting those spellcasters from drinking alcohol if they're going to cast. Only the Othron Empire has currently signed this into law.


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