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Hexarough Dwarven Steel

Hexarough dwarven steel is known for its high durability, making it perfect for weaponry.


Hexarough is a city located in between mountains. These mountains have been rich with the dwarven steel veins.


Over the centuries, these mines have gone deeper, now spanning many kilometers long, some even almost go all the way to Sliphill.


The miners in Hexarough are well protected since the Dwarven Mining Act in 714.

Dwarven Mining Act

The Dwarven Mining Act states that miners should get any reasonable protection that can be expected. This led to the invention of the Auto-miner and the Air Filtration Mask which are both used by dwarven miners.


It is prohibited to export Hexarough dwarven steel in ore form. This means that all the metal, including the steel, have to be melted in Hexarough.

Outside of the city, there are 6 great smelters. They are responsible for shaping the ingots that get exported. All of the ingots bear the seal of Hexarough, the smelter number, the date of melting, and the batch number.


Most of Hexarough's steel is exported to other regions. The trade route goes through Septacrest and then goes to Harkenhold to be further distributed to the world.
Melting / Freezing Point
Common State
Solid ore

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