Lava worms

Lava worms are creatures that live in lava rich areas.


The most famous, and possibly only location where the lava worms reside is Mount Oberhide.


While lava worms are perfectly content eating just lava, they are known to eat any stray animal that comes too close to their region.

In 1724 a woman claimed a lava worm ate their husband. While they did not find the husband ever again, nobody could verify the claim.

Lava worms have no limbs. When eating animals they wrap themselves around the prey and choke them to death.



According to long standing Streaton myth, the lava worms were created by a lich called Ildroz as a guardians for his lair in Mount Oberhide. To this day, the mythical Ildroz has not been seen. It is unknown if he ever existed in the first place.

Magical evolution

Another long standing Streaton myth is that the lava worms evolved from common worms due to a magical artifact stored deep in Mount Oberhide. Sorcerer Uqihr spent his entire life scanning the mountain bit by bit to locate the artifact and never found it.

Basic Information


The lava worm has no limbs.

Genetics and Reproduction

The lava worms reproduce asexually by laying by average 2 eggs a year.

Growth Rate & Stages

A lava worm reaches maturity after about 1 year.

Ecology and Habitats

The lava worms only live in lava rich locations.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Lava can sustain them for a lifetime.
35 years
Average Weight
50 kg
Average Length
3 meters as an adult
Geographic Distribution


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