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Naexi Naewraek

Naexi Naewraek

Naexi was born to a family of elven blacksmiths and inherited their talent for working with metal. She apprenticed under her father and quickly mastered the trade. When she was old enough, she set out on her own, determined to forge the best Weapons and armor in the land. She quickly gained a reputation for her craftsmanship, and her workshop became a place of pilgrimage for adventurers seeking the best gear for their journeys.   Naexi's life changed forever when a group of adventurers came to her seeking Weapons for a quest to destroy a powerful dragon. She gladly supplied them with the best gear she had, and they set off on their quest. Unfortunately, they were no match for the dragon and were all killed. Naexi was devastated by their deaths, and she vowed to never forge another weapon again.   Instead, she turned her focus to creating beautiful works of art, using the metals she once shaped into Weapons to create intricate sculptures and jewelry. She found solace in her art, and her workshop became a place of peace and healing for all who entered.   Notable works of art are:  
  • A sculpture of a dragon, made from the melted remains of the adventurers' Weapons
  • A necklace made from the teeth of a saber-toothed tiger
  • A jade figurine of a dancing Elf
  • A painting of a waterfall, done in the style of the Lyanoris homeland
  • Species
    Year of Birth
    1652 143 Years old
    Bright blue
    Blonde long straight
    2.0 m
    65 kg

    Cover image: by Graham Hobster


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