Othron Castle Dungeons

Under the Featherby castle, there are dungeons, as they have since the initial construction.


The castle's construction started in 1272. While the blueprints have long been lost, some of the builders have written about the secrets that lay underground.



On the west side of the dungeon, there are various jails. They are guarded and maintained by the palace guards and do not fall under city jurisdiction.


On the east side, a vault is located for the kingdom's riches.

Artifacts in the vault

The body of Milina Callan is stored here in a cask until the effects of the statis rose can be reversed.
The crown jewels.
Shield of Callan.
Scroll of Ailre.


In the southern parts, the catacombs are located. Every king/queen who has ruled the Othron Empire lies there for their eternal rest. These catacombs are usually prohibited for the guards.

Panic room

In the dungeons, there is a large space which is highly defensible and has enough stored food and drinks to last for a year. In the case of an attack on the castle, the royal family and Royal Guards will retreat here.


Many people believe that vampires roam the catacombs.


Over the last centuries, multiple prisoners and even guards have disappeared. While the bodies have never been recovered, vampires have been blamed since the beginning.


There has been no evidence of vampires. In the centuries, multiple guards have tried looking for them, without results.


The most credible explanations is that those prisoners and guards have been taken away by the Royal Guards, the closest guards of the king/queen.


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