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Shield Fortress

A building in a city castle/fortress designed for magicians to cast defensive spells. These spells would create a shield dome around an area. The dome would be impenetrable to all but the most powerful of spells.   The technology was designed in 1302 by Cengor Pierce, a well known artificer, but all documentation was lost.   The first known use of the technology was in 1306, when Fort Tarohorn in Uskain was fortified with it.   Over the next century, the technology was implemented mostly in Uskain alone, with the exceptions of Centerdeep in Uspen, Featherby in the Othron Empire and Fort Elkenes in the Othron Empire.   In 1411, the technology was used in the Battle of Fort Tarohorn, when the Uskainian forces used it to protect the fort from the Othron forces. The Uskainian forces were victorious.   During the Purifying Times, all records about creating a Shield Fortress were lost. Many scholars have tried puzzling the technology back together, but so far, they have not succeeded. Over de last decades, the technological parts have been duplicated to perfection, but the technology alone is not enough. Artificer Liam Rosk is currently the lead researcher on the Shield Fortress project and is trying to work out what magic is infused into the Shield Fortress.

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