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Temple of Faith

The Temple of Faith, a.k.a. Temple of the Dark is located in Besaltspell.


In 1423, the Uskain government created a law stating that necromancy was illegal, unless the person contested before dying. This prompted the Temple of Faith to be founded a year later by Phirce Qogdaeghir.


The Temple of Faith is an organization that claims to provide a second life to anyone willing to take it. Plenty of people don't realize that it's necromancy that is behind this.

The necromancers in Uskain are perfectly fine with this, just because it will provide them with new bodies.


According to opposition of the Temple of Faith, the people who give themselves willingly do not know what they are getting into. The descendants of the volunteers usually claim that the people are aware of what's going on. Though there are also people who claim that the recruiters deceived them.

The complaints about deception, mostly comes from the other countries where they have the same recruitment targets, even though the people there don't know about the organisation.

Rumors and Cults

Rumors have it that the Temple of Faith want K'os to return. While there have been no substantial proof regarding to this, there have been several cults that have either been under the temple's umbrella or have used the temple as an excuse.

The Cult of Ayron is a prime example when it comes to a necromancy cult. The cult is/was located in Reddrift . According to official reports, the cult was being used to sacrifice people to summon demons.

Purpose / Function



Founded in 1424 by Phirce Qogdaeghir.
Healing... Is such a subjective matter... If it saves you from death by becoming... Undead... I guess we've done our job.. -Phirce Qogdaeghir
Founding Date
Alternative Names
Temple of the Dark
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