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World Ember 2021 personal favorite items

Note: I am the judge for the World Ember 2021 Items category. The list below are some of my favorite items, it is unranked and the winner may not even be in this list (I don't want to spoil anything).  


I really enjoyed the items that were submitted. I've gone through all eligable entries and I tried to comment on them (sorry if I missed yours, let me know if I did!). There was a lot of time, effort and love put in the articles. All, well done.    
The Archive of Times
Item | Sep 14, 2023
This article makes great usage of art. I try to make use of this, but this is just stepping it up even more!
Regalia of the Kings of the Duiniken
Item | Jan 1, 2022
I want to write as detailed as Kveldulfr83 did in this article. It is amazing to go through.
Saltstone Cups
Item | Dec 30, 2021
As always, amazing artwork. I really love the ritual described here, something I should add to my articles.
Item | Dec 16, 2021

Magical light knives used by Vita-Touched.

One more where I really think I lack in art, I love the significance described here and how it works. I want to work on the inner workings more.
Cola Pie
Item | Dec 26, 2021
Recipes can be amazing to show what the people in the region like. Having a history with it as well and a preview of it, something I aspire to do in the future.
Dire Meats
Item | Mar 20, 2022
The basic and mundane are often overlooked in my world. Having articles that speak about something like dire meat and how people look at it really adds to the world.
Solanian Masks
Item | Mar 26, 2022
It shows that BasicDragon thought about this well and described it so nicely. Having the layout like this makes it pleasing to the eye. I feel like I should make better use of the layout.
Goggles of True Sight
Item | Jan 22, 2022

Those goggles show everything.

Fun little item, I try to add items just for fun as well, but this really exceeds what I usually come up with.
Brass Coin
Item | Mar 5, 2022

The currency of Soplas used after the previous gold/silver/copper-based economy was flooded with those metals or look-alike metals after the Great War.

Money is often overlooked when it comes to worldbuilding. Having the lore surrounding it and also who makes the money is a really nice touch. Something I should steal... Ehm.. Do myself.
Ki Draining Arrow
Item | Jul 6, 2024

A weapon banned by the League for being too deadly and using forbidden magic

I'm not always good at figuring out what to create. Having some alternative way to create explosive arrows like this is just amazing. I love things like this and I want to create creative items just like this.

I hope 2022 will be an amazing year for worldbuilding, just like 2021 was!
Everyone, have a glorious 2022 for worldbuilding!


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