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Sage cedorsett
Charlie Dorsett

In the world of Barrens' End

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Fate's Harrow

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In an age gone past, when many roamed the heavens, space was full of magic and mystery. Heroes and villains came and went like the passing of the daily tides. Some names were remembered, while others simply faded away.
  In this darkness, demons and monsters run free. Eldritch creatures of untold horror wander through the wastes, seeking those that they may devour, destroy, or simply terrorize.
  After war ravaged his homeworld, Ara’lu, his wings bloody from battle, journeys to the temple of the Fates looking for answers, finding only pain and fire.
  Elsewhere in the galaxy, three children are taken from their family to study the arcane arts. One fearing the known, the other fearing the unknown yet all are haunted by the Night Terror. Can the three young boys survive their training in the way of the maker?
  In the end, they confront the hardest choice of all: What would you be willing to do to save the ones you care about?