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Chapter 2

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Zaos walked the rest of the way to the Warsaw office of the European Fey Order. The office was located on the west bank of the Vistula river and occupied the five floors near the top of the Warsaw Spire, a tall office building in the city centre. Zaos has never been in the office before. He even didn't have a passcard to get in. He approached the big white counter looking like a reception in a hotel. A middle-aged man in a security company's uniform was sitting behind it and watching footage from the cameras.

"Hello, I need to speak with someone from the Fey Order office."

The security guard looked at Zaos with a bit of surprise in his eyes. It looked almost like he haven't seen a Fey before. Don't be stupid, thought Zaos, Fey go in and out of the office all the time here.

"You're a Fey, right? Don't you all have cards to get in?", he asked after a while

"Not every Fey has it", said Zaos.

"Ok, I'll call", the guard sighed, "Name?"

"Zaos Merryway"

The guard picked up the handset and dialled a number. It took a while before someone picked up.

"Hello, it's building security. I have Mr Zaos Merryway here. He wants to speak to someone from the office."

The guard listened for a while. Meanwhile, Zaos was patiently looking at him.

It was taking forever.

"Tell them it's urgent", said Zaos.

The guard repeated what Zaos said. After a moment, he put the handset down and opened a drawer. From it, he took a lanyard with a visitor badge and gave it to Zaos.

"Go to floor 44."

"Thank you", said Zaos taking the lanyard.

Zaos passed the security gates and went to the elevator. The journey up was quick. After reaching the 44th floor the elevator doors opened revealing a modern room with white couches, a glass coffee table and bookshelves with books and newspapers. Through the window, one could see a magnificent view of Warsaw. Zaos exited the elevator and looked around. The office looked empty. He always imagined it to be a crowded place. He didn't have much time to contemplate that.

"What can I help you with?", he heard a female voice

Zaos turned to the voice. It belonged to a relatively young woman with long blonde hair dressed in a white dress. Zaos could see glimpses of dragonfly wings on her back. He immediately recognized her as a Sylph, an air fairy. She was beautiful and Zaos almost forgot why he came to the office.

"Who are you?", he asked

"Hope. I'm Mrs Rainydew's assistant", the Sylph answered.

"Mrs Rainydew? Is she the boss here?"

"Mrs Rainydew is the guard of this office, so yes she is like a boss", said Hope.

"I need to talk to her."

"Follow me."

Hope turned around and went through a glass door leading to another room. Zaos followed her and entered what looked like a regular open-space office room. Several Fey were sitting behind their desks and working on computers. Hope was leading him through the office. They stopped at one of the doors. On it, Zaos noticed a placard saying "Sela Rainydew, guard of the Order". Hope knocked and delicately opened the door. Not much later she turned to Zaos.

"Come in."

Zaos entered the office. Behind the desk situated along the wall was sitting an elven woman visibly older from Zaos. When she turned to him, he immediately recognized her. It was the woman who helped him escape.

"Good to see that you are ok", said Sela.

"I'm not ok, ma'am," Zaos said, "Order needs to take those people down. They are forcing Fey to take part in brutal scientific research."

Sela showed him a chair.

"That's a serious accusation. Do you know more?"

"Only what they told me. They say that it will help humanity. We need to inform the high master."

"Who are those people?"

"I'm don't know. There were no signs", said Zaos, "You were there, didn't you see anything?"


Zaos was silent. Something didn't add up. Sela seemed clueless about the whole situation, but why she was at the parking lot then.

"You don't trust me, Zaos", said Sela.

"Yes, I don't trust you. Why you were there if you don't know anything about the situation?"

Sela sighed and took a tablet from her desk. She unlocked it and showed Zaos a page. It looked like a military or surveillance report. On top of the page, there was a logo of Opal Technologies. Zaos knew that name. It was a big corporation specializing in magical technology, a field bridging the gap between magic and science. From what Zaos heard Opal's goal was to make the world a better place through magical technology. He couldn't believe that such a company could be involved in something as bad as what Zaos was through.

"I don't believe it. Opal is a good corporation."

"For several months now we have been receiving disturbing information about a project funded by Opal Technologies.I managed to track it to the place where you were, but the trail went cold there. How did you get there?"

"I just ran and through the facility and got to the parking lot. There was a door. Or was it a portal?"

Sela put down the tablet.

"We need to talk to the high master", said Zaos, "Now!"

"We!? You don't work for the order. Go home and get some rest", said Sela.

Zaos stood up and looked at Sela.

"I'm still a Fey! I have to be part of this investigation!", shouted Zaos

Sela also stood up. They were standing centimetres from each other. Zaos could feel Sela's breath on his face.

"Listen, youngling! I'm the boss here and you won't give orders to me!"

Zaos took a step back realizing that he said too much.

"I was there.  Who can give a better account of what is happening there?", said Zaos much more calmly

"You're right. I will let you talk to the high master, but nothing more."

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