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Out Of Time Museum

The Out Of Time Museum is a place that exists in all points of time. While at first glance, it is just an ordinary museum, time does not work as it should inside.


Every day, the date inside is reset to 7 Firedawn 1359. Anyone inside will retain their knowledge and remain there for the next cycle. While objects return to the state they were in at the beginning of the day, people will age normally. Looking inside, from the outside, you will see the current state of the Out Of Time Museum, while looking outwards, you will always see the 7th of Firedawn 1359.

The Keeper and The Volunteers

The Keeper

The Museum is under management by an immortal and mysterious figure only known as The Keeper. As far as history tells, he has always been there and always will be. The Keeper never leaves The Museum. It is unknown if he physically cannot leave or if there's another reason.

The Volunteers

Throughout history, there have always been 7 volunteers who stay in the museum. They assist The Keeper by running the day-to-day operations. The Volunteers are hand-picked by The Keeper, and they're granted a second life. Their age will revert to the age where they first became an adult. The Volunteers cannot leave the museum from that point on. While The Volunteers can discuss present and historical events, the rules prohibit them from discussing the future. In 375, a Volunteer broke this rule, resulting in the Volunteer being fired. Since the Volunteer no longer held a position in The Museum, The Keeper revoked their second life, which resulted in rapid aging. They died within an hour. 


The Museum exists to store and keep artifacts originating all around time. Some notable examples are:

Sword of Annay

The Sword of Annay is an early first century artifact. It is a scimitar which's blade is eternally on fire. The sword was owned by Diatra Annay and was donated to the museum after her death.

Othron Statis Rose

The Othron Statis Rose is a rose gifted to Milina Callan in 1743. The rose, however, was a trap. It took almost all the life essence from Milina and put her in stasis. The assassin, known only as Stetria, told Walsh Callan that the moment the rose died, her life would be lost. To prevent the rose from dying, Walsh donated it to The Museum. Thus giving it the name "The Othron Statis Rose".

Book of Time

The Book of Time is a book that automatically records current and past historical events.

Healing Spirit Rose Petal

The silver rose petal from Aspela Source's Healing Spirit is on display in the museum.

Elterra's Vow

Elterra's Vow is a vow of vengeance during the Othron Expansion. It is the first recorded contract with only one signee signed with a Void Pen.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
The Museum
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Welcome to The Museum, behave yourself.
— The Keeper


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Jul 31, 2021 23:43

Very cool concept! I especially like the trick they used for the Orthon Rose. Pretty handy way to circumvent the normally inevitable death.   Is there a specific reason why objects such as the rose don't decay but people still can age while inside the museum?

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Jul 31, 2021 23:54 by Jeroen Heijster

Thanks! Tough question! I think it's because I see people differently from static objects. It does pose the question, what if someone holds the item when the clock strikes 12... I'd imagine the object to reset, and the person will hold nothing.   Perhaps this is something for the GM to fill in if the campaign includes this.   As a worldbuilder, this is hard. But on the other hand, I am so happy with multiple groups having a different experience!

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