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Built upon the horrible crimes, sins and poorer times of its past, this state is now among the most liberated countries in its corner of the world. Their export, trade and literacy are among its current greatest strengths. Unfortunately they lack a little in medicine and housing.   There are quite a few opposing groups against the current leadership and this doesn't appear to be changing any time soon. However, the current greatest threat to the nation is a huge forest fire, but the current leadership can't do anything more to solve this issue.   They live decent lives and while medicine might be lacking, their export helps relief most of their issues. Religion holds no importance in their lives and, if anything, has made them more wary of strangers. The people aren't very spiritual either and they rely more on the world around them and their heritage.


When Abrana split off from the Othron Empire in 1572, the then prince that ruled the Abrana province, was crowned the King of Abrana. To start a new lineage, and to mask the history, the name Callan was changed to Chullain.


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