Abrana Uprising

In 1572, Derwyn Chullain , then Derwyn Callan , started the Abrana Uprising against the Othron Empire due to civilian unrest.


Derwyn was a much beloved ruler, despite being the family of the oppressor. A secret plan was forged to liberate Abrana from the Othron Empire. The weapons were forged in secret and only certain key people were informed beforehand.


The 10th of Rainstorm 1572, the plan was delivered to the loyal Abrana soldiers.
When clock strikes 3 pm at 12th of Rainstorm, the blood of all the occupiers will flow by our hands. Make it swift, make it clean. Tell no-one, not even your trusted colleagues or friends.
-General Anthony Efereu
At 12-Rainstorm-1572, all Othron soldiers were silently assassinated when the clock struck 3. Following that, Derwyn sent a letter to the Othron Empire declaring their independence.

The Conflict


Before the uprising, the Othron Empire held Abrana as a puppet state since 1042. Abrana, in that period, was forced to pay 40% taxes to the Othron Empire without getting anything in return.


The Othron Empire prepared an invasion and landed in the region 2 weeks after the uprising started. Abrana was prepared and fended off the initial attack.


After the initial attack, Derwyn Callan sent his second in command for negotiations. After the decapitation and returnal of his head, Derwyn decided to go himself. He made it clear that Abrana would be an independant continent or destroy itself trying. A truce was signed, with strong trade deals being enforced from the Othron Empire. A hesitant cold war followed in the decades following.

Historical Significance


Abrana has been an independant region acknowledged by all other countries since. Due to family ties, Abrana has prosperous ties with the Othron Empire noawadays.
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
Abrana took over the region.


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