Airships are a form of transport that is available in Paldurog. Usually built in the Othron Empire or Abrana, these ships transport people and/or cargo across the empires. Generally these ships are not used for transport in short ranges due to the costs involved.  

Notable builders

The most famous builder is Conzania, located in the Othron Empire. They are known for their luxurious airships.   The other great airship maker is Latrox, located in Greenwheel. While they focus on the lower budget, their airships are still too expensive for most.

Commercial aviation

While you can charter an airship from private owners, most people opt in to go with one of the airlines. The two main airlines are Royal Fox Airlines and Engelbert International Airlines.   While Royal Fox Airlines is the premium airline, many people will claim that Engelbert International Airlines is just as good.   These airships land in dedicated landing zones, which are run by the towns/cities.

Military usage

While military-grade airships are not sold to anyone but governments, other companies modify the civilian crafts. Especially guilds and Skyshark hunters take advantage of that.
Invented in 1686 by the Conzania corporation.
Access & Availability
Airships are generally used by transport companies and large guilds. They also serve a role in the military.


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