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Archways, also known as forest arches, are magical portals that allow people and goods to be transported. They can only link to 1 other archway at a time and can only be activated 2 times a day. Travel is enabled both ways at the same time.


The archways are operated by powerful sorcerers who are in service of the Lyanoris military. While it's a closely guarded secret how they are activated and linked, it is known that it's done with a spell and by using the console.


During wartime, they can be used for rapid troop and materiel deployment.


The archways were built by Taeral Faberos between 685 and 791. Due to the loss of Taeral's Spire, it is unknown how they were made and scholars have been unable to recreate them.


In the year 21, the Prophecy of Hell's Gates was foretold. In the decades after the construction, a small minority of people started to believe that it related to the Archways.


The archways were built between 685 and 791 in Lyanoris by. The notes on how they were made were lost in the Taeral's Spire fire.
Taeral Faberos
Access & Availability
The archways are guarded by the Lyanoris military. To use them, the civilians have to pay a fee.


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