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Prophecy of Hell's Gates

In the year 21, an Elf, called Vulas Herran, prophesied that there would be gates unleashing hell upon Paldurog. While most have dismissed this, some still fear the implications.

The prophecy

While these gates can be used for good, they will bring hell. The demons will walk the earth and feast upon all of the races. An alliance has to be forged to prevent the death of all.
-Vulas Herran



Most of the believers think the prophecy is about the Archways in Lyanoris.

Oghe portal

Some people in the Raven Isles believe that the prophecy is about the Oghe portal. It links to another world where orcs reign.  



While the Lyanoris government is aware of the prophecy, most of the leadership do not care about it. In the past, some have tried looking for clues to figure out when the event is supposed to happen. All records about the research have been classified.

Raven Isles

The governments in the Raven Isles and the Raven Isles United Government have never taken the prophecy seriously.   Oghe is unaware of the prophecy.  

Cult of Hell's Gate

While most believers fear the implications of the prophecy, the Cult of Hell's Gate actively try to enact it. Led by the charismatic man known only as Ashton, the cult perform ritual sacrifices near the gates to gain favor from the demons. Due to the secrecy by the Lyanoris government, the followers see it as truth.
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