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Cult of Hell's Gate

The Cult of Hell's Gate welcome the implication of the Prophecy of Hell's Gates. They actively try to work towards it happening.


Since the prophecy in the year 21 by Vulas Herran, a cult was founded by Ashton, the first Enigmatica. Vulas Herran, the prophet, denounced the cult, believing that they have nothing to do with the prophecy.
While these gates can be used for good, they will bring hell. The demons will walk the earth and feast upon all of the races. An alliance has to be forged to prevent the death of all.
-Vulas Herran

Public appearance

The cult stays in the shadows, revealing themselves as little as possible. They keep tabs on people, recruiting people if they show legitimate interest.

The governments know about the existence of the cult.


The cult is constantly on the move, but they sometimes meet in religious buildings that they occupy for a short while.

During those occupations, they tend to sacrifice people in order to appease the demons that will come through the portals.


The Enigmatica is the sole leader of the cult.

Divine Origins


While the leadership lies solely with the Enigmatica, members of the cult can ascent to priesthood. They are branded with a hot iron on their left arm, showing the symbol of the cult of a gate with a swirling whirlpool in it.

Hells Gates will come true.

Founding Date
Religious, Cult
Leader Title
Government System


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