Demon's Knife

A Demon's Knife is a ritualistic knife used to sacrifice people to their respective demon.   The knife is said to be incredibly sharp, and is used to slit the throats of victims. The blade is also said to be black, and is sometimes inscribed with symbols or words associated with the demon being invoked. The hilt of the knife is often adorned with symbols of the demon as well.   The use of a Demon's Knife is a very serious matter, as it is used to summon forth a demon from the depths of the underworld. The consequences of using such a knife are said to be very dangerous, and should only be done by those who are experienced in the dark arts.   In 1375, the ritual went wrong and the demon broke free into the city Greenwheel, slaughtering many people before it was finally destroyed. The city was left in ruins, and has been rebuilt afterwards.   While the knife has it's risks, it is still used by some who wish to commune with demons and gain their powers.   The inscriptions need to be very precise, as they symbolize a specific demon. After forging in the inscriptions, they are infused by blood magic, usually by sacrificing a goat with a normal, sharp knife and casting said magic. Mixing symbols up will either result in either the wrath of one or both of the demons or in nothing at all.   In the modern day, there are a few known Demon's Knives that work. One is in the possession of the dark mage, Zevran. Another is in the hands of the demonologist, Lilith. The Cult of Hell's Gate is rumored to have another one.


Used in various rituals, most commonly sacrificing someone to appease a demon.
Very rare
Base Price


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Jul 31, 2022 19:55

Interesting article! The picture from MidJourney is also very cool. You wrote that currently there are only a few such knives. Would it work if someone added the inscriptions and infused them with magic to a normal knife that was previously used in a kitchen?

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Jul 31, 2022 23:23 by Jeroen Heijster

Hey, interesting question. I have not worked out the parts that are needed to make it a Demon's Knife. It's an item that isn't known to most, thus the details are vague. Probably the blade will have to be black, but that's something that'll have to be figured out.

-MoonRaven creator of Paldurog.
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