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Dragon Tears

The magical crystals, known as Dragon Tears, are found in dark caves, deep within the earth. They are said to be formed from the tears of ancient dragons. The crystals are said to be incredibly powerful and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as amplifying the power of spells or to provide protection. The crystals can also be used to store magical energy.   The Dragon Tear gets its name from the tear drop shape and the changing color.   The magical crystals are hard to find and even harder to harvest. They can only be found in the deepest and darkest caves. The crystals are surrounded by a powerful magical barriers that makes them difficult to extract.   According to legends, only those blessed by the dragon can extract these crystals. Only 3 of these crystals are known to have been extracted. One of them is in possession of the Callan family in the Callan Keep, another is in possession of Wyrran Holayarus, the leader of Lyanoris and the last one is possession of the Shadow Duke in the Shadow Keep.


Material Characteristics

Tear drop shaped.

Geology & Geography

Deep in magical caves.

History & Usage


The first Dragon Tear was discovered in 285. It was gifted to the Lyanoris monarch at the time and has been passed through the family.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Worldwide, the Dragon Tear is a symbol of magical power.
Shifting between blue, yellow and purple

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