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Shadow Duke

Shadow Duke is the title for the current leader of the Shadow Empire. They are guarded by the Fallen Guards.
Holding the title of Duke gives you the power over all of the Shadow Empire. It is a power people will kill for. Make sure that you get rid of those assets before they get rid of you. Take the power. Be the Duke.
-Isiah Duke


In 248, Isiah Duke a then nobleman, noticed that the other enlightened races were gaining strength and knowledge compared to the humans. To cement humans as the dominant species, the monarchs in the now Uskain empire founded the Shadow Empire together with Isiah Duke to cement their legacy and dominance in Paldurog. While humankind was spreading through Paldurog, the empires formed and secretly started working with the Shadow Empire. One of the first spoils of war, was the Crown of the Shadow Empire. With that crown, came the title of Shadow Duke.

Gaining the title

Even for the highest of ranked people in the Shadow Empire, gaining the rank of Duke is hard. After the previous duke expires or is voted out, there is a public vote by the Shadow Council to determine the new Duke.


In 752, a new duke was instated. According to the historical archives, every member of the Shadow Council who voted against the appointment of Scilias Grove was expelled from the council.

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