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Elterra's Vow

Elterra's vow is an ancient document of vengeance against the Othron Empire in 1504.
The Othron Empire will pay for the invasion of Atreau. I vow I will reclaim the lands taken from us and to let the blood flow of the Callan family. Our armies will stand victorious. Halcyridge and its people will be free, free from the tyranny of the Callan family. I vow, that we as a people will be free. We will stand united, we will win.
-Elterra Ondoriks
 This vow is the first recorded instance of a Void Pen being used with only 1 person signing the contract. 

The war

During the war, Atreau was losing ground slowly. Halcyridge, Emberwick, Emeraldscot and some more land was conquered. The border between the lands was set between the mountains between the 2 countries.

Signing of the peace

At the 21st of Shortnight 1523, a peace was signed between Atreau and the Othron Empire. This was because of rising tensions in the Othron Empire, where the population kept protesting against the war.

Since Elterra could no longer fulfill the contract, her life was void.


The contact is located in the Out Of Time Museum for display.
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