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Horses are common in Paldurog. They are domesticated hoofed animals used mainly to transport.

Commercial usage


Whether the person owns a horse, or rents one through Stable Stables, horses often are used for short to medium distance travel. This is primarily because of their relatively high speed compared to humans.


Horses are also often used to pull carts. Those carts usually have either goods or passengers inside.

Decline in usage

Since Airships are becoming more common, horses are not used that often anymore for long range travel.


Throughout recorded history, horses have been used in warfare. They excel in reconnaissance missions, quick charges, raiding and communication. As with commercial usage, they also supplied the battlefield with carts.   Rumors have it that the Othron Empire is developing a mechanized alternative, although there have been no confirmed sightings.  


Horses are grazing animals. On the road, they can safely graze on pastures. At stables, they get fed hay and grain. The horses also require fresh, clean water.   Horses require daily exercise, one exercise that most often is used is riding the horse or longeing them.   The hooves of horses have to be regularly cleaned by removing dirt, stones and mud. Keeping the feet clean prevents diseases and lameness. Working horses that have to do hard work, require horseshoes by law in Paldurog. The horseshoes have to be fitted and maintained by licensed professionals.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Horses have excelent perceptions of their surroundings. Because they are lateral-eyed, they can see more than 350 degrees around them. They posses excelent day and night vision.
25-30 years
Conservation Status
Average Height
Average Weight


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