Facerot was an elven disease. Since the condition only affects elves, it hasn't spread beyond Lyanoris.


Facerot used to be a disease that only slowly spread among the slums. After decades of mutations, the disease started to spread faster and eventually broke out of the slums. After high-ranking officials got infected, Elkar Preskas started working on a cure. After years of research, he created Elkar's Gift.

Pricing and manufacturing

The cost of Elkar's Gift was 50 GP, which was too high for the elves in the slums. After 4 years, the government spread Elkar's Gift in the slums to stop the disease from spreading, since the cost of it continuing was higher than the cost of mass-production and distribution.

Transmission & Vectors

The disease is an airborne virus. It usually spreads by coughing.


In the first stage, there are soars on the face.
In later stages, the soars begin to infect until the surrounding skin peels off.
In the final stage of the disease, the victims described it as being stabbed in the face over and over again.


The virus can be defeated by Elkar's Gift.


2 Days after infection, the skin starts to itch. After a week, soars start appearing and the user becomes infectious. In the time after, the skin starts to peel off, leaving really painful spots.

Affected Groups

The disease only spreads among elves. Due to lower hygiene in the slums, the disease spreads faster there.  In the past, only the wealthy could afford the treatment, but since it is progressing rapidly, the government is distributing the cure for free.


The first recorded case was in 1572.
In 1580, Braern Perrieth, a highly ranked officer in the Lyanoris army got infected, which started the development of Elkar's Gift .
Starting in 1585, Elkar's Gift was distributed freely.
The disease was eliminated in 1605, although there are rumors the government still has samples.
Affected Species


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