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Elkar's Gift

Elkar Preskas is famed for creating Elkar's Gift.  


Facerot was a disease that roamed the slums of Lyanoris.  


Elkar Preskas is a scientist that started working on the cure for Facerot after his friend, Braern Perrieth, got infected and died a month later. After years of research and trials, the first version of Elkar's Gift was created.


In the years after the initial creation, the formula got perfected requiring less precise mixing.  


In the first couple of years, Elkar's Gift had to be mixed by hand by alchemists. This was an expensive process, but it allowed the rich to get cured.   After the refinement, it was possible to mass-produce the cure. Workers would mix the batches and alchemists would oversee the creation and check the effectiveness.


Since Facerot was spreading rapidly in 1585, the government paid for the creation and distribution of the cure.  


The recipe of Elkar's Gift is freely available. Since Facerot no longer occurs, it hasn't been manufactured since 1606.


Elkar's Gift is a salve that has to be applied to the skin daily for 6 days. Even after the first application of the salve, the skin no longer hurts.
Elkar Preskas
Access & Availability
The recipe is freely available.
The cure has to be mixed perfectly, making the cure complex to produce.


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