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First Elven King

There is a lost monument deep in the elven forests. It is said that the monument was built to honor the first elven king, who united the elves and led them to peace and prosperity. The monument is a beautiful work of art, carved from the finest marble. It is said that the king's spirit still resides there, watching over his people.   The monument has been lost for centuries, and no one knows where it is. Some say it is hidden in a secret location, while others believe it was destroyed in a natural disaster. But one thing is for sure - if you are lucky enough to find it, you will be rewarded with the king's blessing.   While several excursions have been sent, deep into Lyanoris' forests, nobody has returned with a location. Some claim they have found it, even made drawings of the monument, but none have been able to give directions back. This caused rumors that the monument only appears during certain moments.   On the 15th of Rainstorm 1795, a group of adventurers decided to take on the challenge of finding the monument. After weeks of searching, they finally found it. It was hidden in a secret location, deep in the forest. The monument was in perfect condition, and the king's spirit was still there, watching over his people. They were the first to write down the precise location, which they shared with the current king, Wyrran Holayarus. After verification, their statues were errected in Rivenglow.   The adventurers were rewarded with the king's blessing, and they returned to their homes with a new sense of purpose.

Purpose / Function

The monument was created after the unification of all elves. It is a celebration for all elves, a beacon.
Monument, Large
Parent Location


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