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Fishers are a relatively common profession in Paldurog.


Fishing is a dangerous job the further away you go from the coast. The further you go, the slimmer the chance of you getting back to shore after a shipwreck and the chance of a shipwreck increases as well.



Most fishers use regular boats to go to fish rich places and fish there.

Notable ship

The notable ships in use are the Silver Caterpillar and the Kob Tin class ships. The Silver Caterpillar is a 1-2 person ship with 30 m³ of storage. The Kob Tin is a 6 person ship with 150 m³ of storage.


Some of the more rare fish are only found deep far away from the coast. In those cases, Airships are used.

Notable ships

The notable Airships classes are the Zebu Maxwell and the Starfish Palladium.



Fishing license

Career Progression

Fishers can sometimes progress into a captain profession. Usually as a captain on one of the bigger fishing ships, in rare cases they can captain other types of ships.

In very rare cases, they can progress to become a Skyshark fisher.

Payment & Reimbursement

The days are long and hard and the pay is enough to have a small house and support a family.

Other Benefits




Fishers provide food.

Social Status

Fishers are considered the same as farmers. Bottom of the social occupational prestige.


Dangers & Hazards

There is a big risk to the life of the fishers depending on how far they go.
Agricultural / Fishing / Forestry
The legality depends on the type of fish being caught. Skysharks for example are prohibited from being caught, however this is still being done.


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