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Haulfrun's Airshippery

Haulfrun's Airshippery is an Airship seller towards consumers and small businesses.


Haulfrun’s Airshippery was founded by Dufach Haulfrun in 1715 because of the lack of consumer sales by Conzania and Latrox. After starting the first airship sales point in Featherby, business started slowly in the beginning. After about a year, wealthy people knew how to get an airship and visited Featherby just for it.
After the second year, a new branch was founded in Greenwheel followed by Besaltspell 5 months later.
The third year, shops were setup in Featherbluff, Centerdeep , Everloft and Bridgescot.


The headquarters are located in Featherby in the business district. From the HQ, all the regional directors manage businesses in other contents, the president manages the company over them and support staff manage the global enterprise.


All the Healfrun shops follow the same layout. When entering the shop, there's a reception desk for those with an appointment and an area where customers can wait if there are no available salespeople. Behind the reception desk, there is a large area where there are cutouts of 1:10 scale models of the airship. In front of the cutout, there is a desk with the details of the ship as an inlay. At the end of the shop, a couple of different cabins are available to look at and test.

Other than that, there are toilets available and a staff room.


CEO -> regional directors -> business directors -> salespeople

Making you fly since 1715

Founding Date
Corporation, Business


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