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Mount Oberhide Tribes

This group of people, mostly composed of humans, tend the lands on and around Mount Oberhide.


Murky Star

The Murky Star tribe is located at the western part of the mountain.


This tribe primarily focuses on herding cattle. They primarily focus on sheep and chickens.

Red Dragon

The Red Dragon tribe is located on the northern and north eastern part of the mountain.


The Red Dragon tribe are farmers. With fields of corn and potatoes, they export plenty of food.

Stone Ribbon

The Stone Ribbon tribe is located at the south-west to south region of the mountain. They are the only tribe which is not completely composed of humans. They have 1 dwarf in their major settlement.


The tribe exploit a goldmine and several grain farms.

Diamond Titan

The Diamond Titan tribe takes the eastern region of the mountain.


The Diamond Titan tribe raise goats and cows in their dairy farms. When the animals become too old, they get slaughtered.


Major language groups and dialects


Common Dress code

Since this ethnicity mostly complises of workers, there is no set dress code. People use clothing that work best when working the lands.

Funerary and Memorial customs

The bodies of the deceased are cast into the lava of Mount Oberhide.

Common Taboos

It is taboo to marry someone of another tribe around the mountain, unless permission has been granted by the chiefs.

Common Myths and Legends

A common myth that is believes is the myth of magical evolution of the lava worms. The myth of Ildroz is one that is only believed by few.

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