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Red Crossing Red Light District

The Red Crossing Red Light District is a district in the city Red Crossing, in between Fort Aurea and Fort Tarahorn.

District layout

The red light district is in the southwestern part of Red Crossing. On the edge of the district, shops and restaurants are located. Going further in, you've got the Black Thorne Rose Brothel, Golden Leaf Brothel and the Titan's Kiss Brothel scattered around the district.

Those who are looking to gamble, go to the Platinum Halo Casino, located in the eastern part of the district. In the center of the district, the Silver Raven Security Agency has their branch, securing whomever hires them.

Other than those staples of the district, there are low-rent apartments scattered around the district.


A prominent part of the visitors are soldiers from Fort Aurea, Fort Tarahorn and those passing by. There are however still tourists that visit Red Crossing from all around the country, from Streaton and sometimes, from other parts of Paldurog through Airships. Red Crossing is one of the few non-capital cities that have an airport.


Thanks to Silver Raven's security, the city guards and the many off-duty soldiers, the district is relatively safe. Thanks to Uskain's Sex Worker Act of 1272, their work is legalized and protected. The brothels get regular visits by officials to check their work environment, which includes interviews with their employees.

Industry & Trade

Sex work, security and motels and hotels.


Tourists of the Red Crossing Red Light District are adults, generally single and looking for a "good time".
Alternative Name(s)
Red Light City
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