Rite of the Skyshark

For fishers on airships the Rite of the Skyshark is one of the toughest rites they can perform. Only the most experienced and skilled fishers attempt the Rite of the Skyshark. It is not a rite for the inexperienced or those who are not prepared.   During the Rite of the Skyshark, the fishers board an airships with nothing but a spear attached to a long rope. Magic in any way is prohibited, this includes infusions. Anyone caught using magic will be banned from this rite forever.   Due to overfishing of skysharks, the rite has gotten harder and harder. In 1756, an extra day was added to the hunt, changing it from 2 days to 3 days.   The rite starts in Lichenfall every 6th of Palesin and participants have 3 days to complete the quest. If they fail, they may never enter this rite again.


The Rite of the Skyshark started in 1702, with Morthwyl Rees challenging Elis Gethin to a Skyshark hunt. First to win without magic on an airship using only spears would win. This caused such a spectacle on their return, that this became a rite that is repeated every year.


The captain of the ship is takes the role of judge and pilot. The participants will have to work together on capturing the skyshark themself and on navigating the ship. Some prefer a big airship, some use several smaller airships.


The rite starts at dawn of 6th of Palesin and ends at nightfall of the 9th of Palesin.


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