The 100 year ritual

When elves in Paldurog become 100 years, they officially become an adult.


The 100 year ritual is a 2 day ceremony celebrating the achievement of the elf in question and their future goals. Both days are shared with friends and family.

Day 1

The first day of the ceremony is to appreciate and celebrate what has already been done.

Tea ceremony

During the morning they drink a special tea which is only brewed and consumed during the 100 year ritual. Tales are shared around a grand table about the individual.

Grand feast

In the evening and afternoon, there is a grand feast with plenty of food and drinks. This feast is not just limited to friends and family, everyone can come, but any can be expelled by the elf.

The 100 year meditation

After the grand feast, the elf will retreat until the next day to do the 100 year meditation. This meditation is about reflecting on their life until now.

Day 2

After the 100 year meditation, the elf gathers with his peers. They discuss the future for the elf and how to reach that goal.

Closing ceremony

In the end of the second day, the elder of the settlement does the closing ceremony. Here the elf is pronounced an adult. The elder gifts a commemorative Eldaki ceremonial knife to the elf.

Away from home

Elves that are away from the elven settlements usually return to their birthplace for the ceremony. In rare cases where the elf can't leave, the ceremony is done in the settlement they currently reside in or the ritual is postponed.


This tradition has existed since the dawn of elfkind. The first recorded historical entry was in the year -241.


The key participants are the elf, the friends, family and the peers of the elf.


The ritual is done exactly 100 years after the birth of an elf.
Ritual done by:
  • Elves


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