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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a coming of age ceremony
A total of 451 entries

Coming of Age with the Temple of Three Gyds

Meiedoli Individuality, aka 'gender choosing', Ceremony

The graduation exams are finally over!

The Discovery Ceremony {WASC 2021}

Cotillion -A Coming of Age Ceremony for Some

Elven Coming of Age in the Holy Forest

Survival of the fittest: A Spartan warrior is born

Blessing of the Thirteen

Nomen mulieris diem or Woman's name day

The Elusive Spell of the Unstable Dream

Proving years of the Mazoni warrior clan of the Amazo mountains - Prompt # 18 a coming of age ceremony

Qncerixi - the Tabaxian Coming of Age

The Sixteenth Winter of the Morningstar

Tattoos that say you're an adult: Lamara's coming of age tradition

Catfolk Ceremony of the Chosen

Ceremony of Navigation

The Knight Officers' Trial of Fire

Quetzalcoatlus Bonding Ceremony

Omrikahona: To come of Age in Yenma - By Skarlati

Initiation rituals in the Polytechnique military school

The Gallardian Festival Di Vibravidalio /Vibravidalia

Animalistic-Humans: The Rite of Passage

Coming of Age for Humans and the Verant Rite

Ceremony of Becoming a Citizen

Coming of age ceremony and professions of the the Solace

Swynfaredian Otectum Parties

Ceremony of the Hooked Tree

Whisper no more youngter ritual

Forging of terrors of the Shadow God

The Rite of the Age of Enlightment

Coming of Age for the Northern Draconics

The time's markings - in progress