Turaco Hammer

The Turaco Hammer class Airship is a luxurious personal airship built by Conzania. It can fit 4 passengers inside, all with personal cabins.

Passenger cabins

All passenger cabins are 4m by 4m in size. Standard, a king-size bed is placed in the cabin and a desk with a chair is also available. All cabins have a personal balcony.

Common rooms


While meals are served to personal rooms, passengers can use the galley to eat their meals. This is also where the staff will generally eat their meals.


A shared lounge is available to all passengers. This is an 4m by 5m shared space with a large table, chairs and a radio.

Staff rooms

The staff can rest in a shared dorm and food is prepared in the galley. There is limited storage space available.
Your home in the sky
Complement / Crew
Captain/pilot, navigator/comms officer, 2 general crew.
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
4 Passengers, 32m³ shared cargo capacity
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Turasco Hammer


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