Wyndam Shaw

Sky pirate Wyndam Shaw

Wyndam Shaw was a pirate active in the 18th centrury. He is best known for being the first Airship pirate.

Early life

Wyndam joined the thieves' guild at the age of 13. While he didn't excel at pick-pocketing or other minor crime jobs, his superiors noticed he was able to inspire others around him. He also picked up the skill of the blade and through rigorous training, he became a proficient sword fighter.

Rise of the airships

At the age of 4, the first Airships were built. Since they were just starting up back then in the Othron Empire, it took until he was 15 years old for him to see one in real life. Seeing one fly up in the air was the reason he wanted to become a captain, the greatest captain that ever lived.

Life of piracy

In 1703, when Wyndam was 21, the thieves' guild acquired an Airship for themselves. It was an older Conzania cargo runner, perfect for smuggling due to many compartments that can be locked/hidden.


During the following 5 years, Wyndam smuggled goods all around Paldurog, mainly around Uspen and the Othron Empire.


During the smuggling period, he was able to save enough money to buy the ship from the thieves' guild and upgrade it with better weaponry.

Retirement and hiding

At the age of 51, Wyndam reportedly retired. It is unknown where he went to or when/if he died.
1682 1769 87 years old


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