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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2022

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Α religion or organisation connected to a natural phenomenon
A total of 427 entries

Cult of the Eternal Flame

The New Lockstitch Academy

The Gods of the Tzardom and How the Divine Classes Work

International Hyperweb Server Administration

Church of the Eight Brothers

The Grand Circle of the Everchanging

Church of the Silent Ascension

New Etruscan Second Shadow Division "The Eclipse"

The Brotherhood of Red Skies

Amitian Supernatural Council

Brotherhood of the Waves

Eirp Pamorp: Righteous Flow

The Far East: Dhily and Wensyar

Belief in the Lady of Shadows

The Graceful Blossom Trading Company

Faith of the Crystal Web

791.II, 10 Berelii: The Cult of travelers

Conservors of Farhad's Fist

Unseelie - The Court of Winter

Wardens of the Leaf and Sand

The Cult of Dustgirl and Dewmaiden

The Copany of Dandiric Makers

Pantheon of The Frozen North

Ministry of Storm Cartography

Order of the Conjured Blade

Bhagawan Bear and The Prayer

Cult of the Sacred Immortal Chickens

I.M.P.S: The Investigators of Magic for Public Safety

Knights of the Kamaitachi

Waves Research Institute

Europa Computing Solutions

Exploricae et Philosophae Imperātis

Neýrima - The Dreamed's Stream

Inquisitors of the Red Dome of Heaven

Circle of the Moonlit Grove

Stonespeakers of Terrelionne

{WASC 2022} Temple of Ezarah

Andaen University of the Esoteric Arts and Lore

Ochránci hořícího sněhu

Dzel Priests of the Mushrooms

The Circle of the Riverwood Grove

Order of the Portal Wardens

The Followers of the Falling Fire

Followers of The Cackling Thunder - Anak'jo Buri

Andryhtism: The Religion of the High Plain

Rooks and Kings Clinical Provision Team