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Lena Ironback was born into a family of werewolf hunters, and it was always her destiny to become a Red Rider. When she finally took the oath and became Youngblood - the youngest member of the Riders - she thought she was ready for anything. But when a routine patrol goes awry, Lena finds herself in the midst of a massacre, with her fellow Red Riders being torn to shreds by the very creatures they hunt. Worse still, she is captured by the beasts and taken to their den. But instead of being killed, Lena is claimed by the wolves as one of their own: a Scatha Bearn, child of the moon. Escape is her only option, and with the help of Caora - a beautiful wolf girl - Lena sets out on a journey through the deadly forest in order to get back to her people and uncover the secrets of her past. But more than that, she must stop a war before it starts.

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