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Fairy tale

Tales from the Imaginary Tavern, vol. 1

By Tanz

1478 1 0 3563

Lost and alone in the world, Molly Parker sets out into the woods in search of a new home. She finds it in the most unusual place - an interdimensional Tavern, where travelers from all across the Multiverse come to share stories of their adventures.


By AuthorNiamh

8740 0 0 1829

Lena Ironback was born into a family of werewolf hunters, and it was always her destiny to become a Red Rider. When she finally took the oath and became Youngblood - the youngest member of the Riders - she thought she was ready for anything. But when...

Ellyse of Wonderspire

By Sterrestel

19575 0 0 553

Corruption lurks in Wonderspire, and it's people are falling one by one. When Ellyse falls from a tall tree in the woods near her home, she is met with strange characters and a dangerous adventure. Will Ellyse survive long enough to get back home, or will...

The Adornment of Ada

By Secondhand

31852 21 3 8526

" I was 16 going on 17 the first time I saw a dead human body. The fact it seemed to be mine didn't seem to make the situation any weirder than it already was, to tell the truth. "