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Legends of the Jade Moon 3: Back from the Dawn

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The life of a Maker has taken its toll on Ianus but he now has to make the hardest choice of all. With all roads pointing to the city of the ancients located deep within the forbidden lands, Ianus must choose whether to follow the path to almost certain death set before him in the hope he can uncover the hands acting against him, or to stay in defiance of the gods and his fate.
  Action is preferable to reaction, so they set out. But when they arrive at the gates, Ianus encounters the enigmatic Valeryn who sparks remote and clouded memories in him. Almost too easily, they cross into the forbidden lands only to be confronted by the seven eyes of fate. They strike Ianus down and leave him to either pass their test or die.
  Will Ianus be able to escape the prison of his mind? Can they survive imprisonment by the order of the blood? Find out what happens next in this exciting installment of Liquid Sky: Back From The Dawn.
  Back from the Dawn is the third book in the Legends of the Jade Moon series follow after book 2: Dividing Souls.