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Legends of the Jade Moon 3: Back from the Dawn

By cedorsett

16212 0 0 27127

The life of a Maker has taken its toll on Ianus but he now has to make the hardest choice of all. With all roads pointing to the city of the ancients located deep within the forbidden lands, Ianus must choose whether to follow the path to almost certain death...

Legends of the Jade Moon 2: Dividing Souls

By cedorsett

16907 0 0 26185

Ianus awakes on a hospital ship... he failed. His adopted father lay mortally injured in the next room, and a powerful, ancient relic of the Jade Moon's founder has been stolen. Every option gone, only one thing remains... Abducting his father, he runs off...

Legends of the Jade Moon 1: Child of Centuries

By cedorsett

16598 0 0 31218

Just beyond the view of the average person, dangers haunt the Chian'niu, the galactic underworld. Assassins stalk their prey, mercenaries sell their services, and ancient factions move governments, people, and armies across the stars for reasons known only...


By TwilightForce

146 0 0 2890

This historical excerpt tells the story of how the Twilight Force became six again.

The Book of Starlight

By luke128th

254 0 0 0

The Book of Starlight was written by an unknown author long before mortal life existed in any of the 5 Realms. Believed to be written by a prophet of sorts, it outlines the history of the Stargods and their realms and tells of the destruction of the impending...