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Charlie Dorsett

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Legends of the Jade Moon 1: Child of Centuries

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Just beyond the view of the average person, dangers haunt the Chian'niu, the galactic underworld. Assassins stalk their prey, mercenaries sell their services, and ancient factions move governments, people, and armies across the stars for reasons known only to them. Ianus' parents died in one of these unseen wars. Adopted by two of the leading voices in the Jade Moon, they raised him in the awareness of the constant threat. But on his Day of Ascension, a nightmarish vision steals Ianus' sight: his adopted father would soon be killed.
  Now, Ianus wrestles with the prophecy, doubting his faith. Desperately, he searches for a way to save him, but will he learn the most important fact before it is too late... Nothing in the Chian'niu is exactly what it seems to be.
  Can Ianus slice through all of the illusions and subterfuge to discern the truth behind what is going on? Will his friends help him adapt to his new powers before they drive him mad?