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Crown of the Shadow Empire

The Duke of the Shadow Empire usually wears this crown during official meetings. As one of the spoils of the first Expansion Wars led by Isiah Duke, it is one of the oldest artifacts owned by the organization. The Crown of the Shadow Empire is also known as the Shadow Crown.


During the first Expansion War, the Shadow Crown was conquered in the now Red Crossing city. The Shadow Crown was owned by Motdrouck Kragborn, leader of the then dwarven city named Bonfaldur. According to legends, Deorward Hamon took a squad into the royal halls, cleared it and then took the crown from the king. The king pleaded for his life and their spouse's life, but both their lives were forfeited. The crown was brought back to Isiah Duke and was presented as a spoil of war.


The Shadow Crown is primarily used in official meetings and ceremonies. There have been rare cases where the current Duke took the crown out, most famously Rave Shade, born in 1243, would show the crown to the public.


The crown is stored in the vaults of the Shadow Keep. The vaults of the Shadow Keep are heavily protected by ancient magic and traps.


The crown is golden, with inlays of diamond shaped silver plates. At the tips of the silver plates, rubies are placed.


Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Current Location
Owning Organization
2.5 kg

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