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Shadow Empire

The Shadow Empire is an ancient organization in Paldurog. Since it's founding in 248 by Isiah Duke , they have been guiding the human-led empires since its founding. In the last few centuries, the Othron Empire has become closer to the Empire, resulting in them getting more help.


In 248, Isiah Duke, a then nobleman, noticed that the other enlightened races were gaining strength and knowledge compared to the humans. To cement humans as the dominant species, the monarchs in the now Uskain empire founded the Shadow Empire together with Isiah Duke to cement their legacy and dominance in Paldurog.

While humankind was spreading through Paldurog, the empires formed and were secretly working together with the Shadow Empire. During the expansion of humankind, they took the riches from the other enlightened species and the lesser species. They donated part of that money to the Empire. This created an immense wealth the Empire still has to this day.

Leadership & Organization

The Shadow Empire has a single leader with the Shadow Council under them. The Shadow Council comprises 7 members at any time.

Every year at the 7th of Firedawn the leadership of the countries and the Shadow Empire converge at the Shadow Keep.

The Empire is kept alive through the founding capital.


Only the head of state may know about the Shadow Empire, though sometimes high-ranking officials will be informed about the organization.

In 1275, Stuart Matthews , then head of Aspela, disclosed the existence of the Shadow Empire. Through the influence of the Empire, Stuart was eventually branded a lunatic and was sent to the Ice Asylum.

The Shadows, Always

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The Empire
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