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Ruststar prison camp

North of Ruststar, a prison camp is located. These prisoners are forced to work in the mining complex in the mountains north of Ruststar.

Supply of workers

The Ruststar prison camp gets its supply of workers from the Othron Hall of Justice. Only in the most extreme cases, the death penalty is applied. In most other cases, they're sent to the camp for a temporary or lifetime sentence.

Working conditions

The empire requires a lot of resources. This means prominent targets for the leadership of the camps, which trickles down. While the prisons get a half an hour break, they are required to do 10 hours of hard labor.



The warden is responsible for meeting the resource targets and overseeing the rest of the staff.

Head of maintenance

The head of maintenance is responsible for keeping the prison camp up to standards. Most of the maintenance is delegated to the prisoners. For the security related maintenance, contract workers get hired.


Central processing

At the entrance of the camp, the central processing building is located. It's a 13x20m building which also houses some of the administrative staff.

Administrative building

The warden, the replacements during the other shifts, and the rest of the administrative staff are located outside the walls of the camp.

Sleeping quarters

There are 12 identical barracks located in the camp. All can house 100 prisoners at any time. The barracks also have 5 toilets.

Medical facility

There is a medical facility inside the camp. There are 3 doctors on site at any time and 2 more on call from the hospital in Ruststar.

Washing facilities

There are 3 washing facilities each with showers enough for 100 prisoners at a time.
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The Camp
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