World Ember 2021


I want to continue working on Paldurog. There's still so much in that world that is unexplored and deserves more writing. On the other hand, I also want to work on my short story. I have the basic plot and I started writing the beginning of the story. I might complete it at World Ember.

  My aim is 50k words, but I at least want 10k in. Even with 30k, I'd double the amount of words in my world!

Support network

I think my support network will mainly be the wonderful people on the discord server. They are all amazing beans.  

Getting the people to find my work


I mainly used the World Anvil Discord to get feedback on my works during Summer Camp 2021 . This will not change for World Ember 2021. The articles I really like, will also be shared on certain friends' discord servers that relate to roleplaying/worldbuilding.


There are amazing people on Twitter as well. From time to time I will share articles on my twitter feed with the #WorldAnvil #WorldEmber2021 #WorldEmber tags. For exceptional articles, I'll share them with the #TuesdayFiction tag as well on Tuesdays.

World Anvil

I don't use the global user feed that often, but for my exceptional articles, I will use the coins to share them as well as use the notify option on articles.     Some of my favorites of the World Ember 2021 items challenge:
World Ember 2021 personal favorite items
Generic article | Jan 31, 2022

Words completed:

Chapters completed:


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28 Nov, 2021 17:11

Best of luck this World Ember! I'd love to see you smash that 50k stretch goal. ^^

It's the most wonderful time of the year, with words being written, and fantasies twittin' you, be of good cheer. It's the most wonderful time of the year.   My World Ember Entries
29 Nov, 2021 13:28

Brilliant goals! You'll smash the 10k in no time :D enjoy your WorldEmber!

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