World Ember 2021


I want to continue working on Paldurog. There's still so much in that world that is unexplored and deserves more writing. On the other hand, I also want to work on my short story. I have the basic plot and I started writing the beginning of the story. I might complete it at World Ember.

  My aim is 50k words, but I at least want 10k in. Even with 30k, I'd double the amount of words in my world!

Support network

I think my support network will mainly be the wonderful people on the discord server. They are all amazing beans.  

Getting the people to find my work


I mainly used the World Anvil Discord to get feedback on my works during Summer Camp 2021 . This will not change for World Ember 2021. The articles I really like, will also be shared on certain friends' discord servers that relate to roleplaying/worldbuilding.


There are amazing people on Twitter as well. From time to time I will share articles on my twitter feed with the #WorldAnvil #WorldEmber2021 #WorldEmber tags. For exceptional articles, I'll share them with the #TuesdayFiction tag as well on Tuesdays.

World Anvil

I don't use the global user feed that often, but for my exceptional articles, I will use the coins to share them as well as use the notify option on articles.     Some of my favorites of the World Ember 2021 items challenge:
World Ember 2021 personal favorite items
Generic article | Jan 31, 2022

Words completed:

Chapters completed:


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Nov 28, 2021 17:11

Best of luck this World Ember! I'd love to see you smash that 50k stretch goal. ^^

Nov 29, 2021 13:28 by TJ Trewin

Brilliant goals! You'll smash the 10k in no time :D enjoy your WorldEmber!

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