Summer Camp 2021

Which project are your world-building efforts tied to?

My project is the D&D 5e campaign I run. I want it fleshed out more.

What world are you working on?

The world I will work on is Paldurog. It is the primary world in my D&D 5e campaign, so I might as well flesh it out.

Which area of the world(s) are you working on?

I am usually focusing on the Othron Empire when writing for my world, although I'm also fine with writing for Abrana and Atreau. In the event a prompt will work better for another region, I will deviate.

How much are you aiming to complete?

Since it's my first time joining one of these events, I don't know how well I do. I will aim to complete at least 10 prompts. I hope I'll finish all.

When will you write?

Whenever I feel the need to write. It is usually in the evening.

Who is your support network?

I have some amazing friends online who are willing to listen to the things I come up with and I'm sure the discord will help as well.  


I have reached my goal in the first day. I did not expect that to happen at all. Anything I'll create now is a bonus. So I guess...
Diamond or die!
-Amélie I.S. Debruyne

Prompts completed

Abrana Uprising
Military Conflict | Aug 8, 2021

In 1572, Derwyn Chullain, started the Abrana Uprising against the Othron Empire due to civilian unrest.

Aspela Source's Healing Spirit
Myth | Aug 8, 2021

Deep in the woods of Aspela Source is a lake. According to myths, there is a healing spirit that can cure any ailment.

Crown of the Shadow Empire
Item | Aug 8, 2021

The Duke of the Shadow Empire usually wears this crown during official meetings.

Cult of Hell's Gate
Organization | Aug 8, 2021

The Cult of Hell's Gate welcome the implication of the Prophecy of Hell's Gates . They actively try to work towards it happening.

Eldarran Dwarves
Ethnicity | Aug 8, 2021

Eldarran dwarves in Paldurog roam all countries. Most of them, however, live in Thuggan.

Elkar's Gift
Technology / Science | Aug 8, 2021

Elkar Preskas is famed for creating Elkar's Gift.

Elterra's Vow
Document | Aug 8, 2021

Elterra's vow is an ancient document of vengeance against the Othron Empire in 1504. This vow is the first recorded instance of a Void Pen being used with only 1 person signing the contract.

Condition | Aug 8, 2021

Facerot was an elven disease. Since the condition only affects elves, it hasn't spread beyond Lyanoris.

Fallen Guards
Military Formation | Aug 8, 2021

The Fallen Guards are a squad of soldiers protecting the Duke.

Profession | Aug 8, 2021

Fishers are a relatively common profession in Paldurog.

Haulfrun's Airshippery
Organization | Oct 5, 2021

Haulfrun's Airshippery is an Airship seller towards consumers and small businesses.

Hexarough Dwarven Steel
Material | Aug 8, 2021

Hexarough dwarven steel is known for its high durability, making it perfect for weaponry.

Species | Aug 8, 2021

Horses are common in Paldurog. They are domesticated hoofed animals used mainly to transport.

Isiah Duke
Character | Aug 8, 2021

Isiah Duke was known as the hero of the Siege of Fewood.

Lava worms
Species | Aug 8, 2021

Lava worms are creatures that live in lava rich areas.

Maeve Fhiacla
Character | Aug 8, 2021

Maeve Fhiacla is the current head of the Fallen Guards.

Mount Oberhide
Geographic Location | Aug 8, 2021

Mount Oberhide is an active volcano in Streaton . It is known to overflow every 125 years, causing fertile land when cooled down.

Mount Oberhide Tribes
Ethnicity | Aug 8, 2021

This group of people, mostly composed of humans, tend the lands on and around Mount Oberhide.

Othron Castle Dungeons
Geographic Location | Aug 8, 2021

Under the Featherby castle, there are dungeons, as they have since the initial construction.

Othron Hall of Justice
Building / Landmark | Aug 8, 2021

The Othron Hall of Justice is the supreme court in the Othron Empire.

Prophecy of Hell's Gates
Myth | Aug 8, 2021

In the year 21, an Elf, called Vulas Herran, prophesied that there would be gates unleashing hell upon Paldurog. While most have dismissed this, some still fear the implications.

Red Crossing Red Light District
Settlement | Aug 8, 2021

The Red Crossing Red Light District is a district in the city Red Crossing, in between Fort Aurea and Fort Tarahorn.

Ruststar prison camp
Settlement | Aug 8, 2021

North of Ruststar, a prison camp is located. These prisoners are forced to work in the mining complex in the mountains north of Ruststar.

Shadow Duke
Rank/Title | Aug 8, 2021

Shadow Duke is the title for the current leader of the Shadow Empire.

Shadow Empire
Organization | Aug 8, 2021

The Shadow Empire is an ancient organization in Paldurog.

Shadow Language
Language | Aug 8, 2021

The Shadow Language is an ancient language in use by the Shadow Empire.

Tradition / Ritual | Aug 8, 2021

Sunfall is a festival that occurs 31st of Shortnight to celebrate the new year. It is a mostly human tradition.

Temple of Faith
Building / Landmark | Aug 8, 2021

The Temple of Faith, a.k.a. Temple of the Dark is located in Besaltspell.

The 100 year ritual
Tradition / Ritual | Aug 8, 2021

When elves in Paldurog become 100 years, they officially become an adult.

Void Pen
Item | Nov 23, 2021

The Void Pen is used to sign contracts. Often used by powerful families, like royals, and the underworld.

Wyndam Shaw
Character | Aug 8, 2021

Wyndam Shaw was a pirate active in the 18th centrury. He is best known for being the first Airship pirate.

Prompts completed


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