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Blood Myst: Bleeding Aegis Book 1

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The world of Anogwin is fraught with danger. In this world of Elves and Dragons, is in an age where magic-powered technology known as Mystech is commonplace. But this world is far from paradise. Defensive walls are necessary for every city and town because nature and monsters pose a constant threat. The dangerous wilds beyond the walls drive to take back anything civilization has taken, from land to resources. Monsters of all kinds lurk wherever they can find purchase and devour anyone they can catch.
  In this world of struggle, follow one unfortunate child. Iver is a Darkling, a half-blood with the blood of demons. A sensitive boy who never knew his parents, Iver was raised by a harsh, Wild Elf who had ties to his mother. After witnessing the bloody murder of his adoptive father, the 12-year-old Darkling is forced to live on the streets. Even as his life seemed to be on the cusp of ending any day, Iver kept the embers of dedication lit in his heart. He would hunt down the killer of his father and get his vengeance.
  Iver soon gets the chance to take the first steps toward reaching his goal when a clan brother of his adoptive father finds him and gives him the offer of a lifetime. Iver joins an academy tied to a secret organization dedicated to changing the corrupt world. For the next year, Iver lives on the academy grounds, nestled in a crater/cave in the heart of a mountain. During his first year at The Aegis Academy of the Grimmalk, Iver will face threats to his life from hostile classmates. He also stumbles into the ability to use a rare and dangerous form of magic. Along the threatening road to graduation, mysteries both about himself and the academy come to the surface, and Iver is forced to make hard choices, even as he makes his very first friends.
  Can Iver survive the trials ahead? Who and what is he really? Is the Academy and organization really what they claim to be? What is this Blood Myst magic he has found himself bound to?