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Hard Magic System

In Their Shadows

By LeeStepp

855 0 0 96045

This world was once our own, Earth, but it became a playground for the forces of nature given body and mind: the Erlithmanil. These ten entities reshaped and laced the land with magic, gifting all life pieces of their power. Every lifeform possesses two such...

Blood Myst

By Ailill Blackwood

41869 0 0 201700

In a world plagued by all manner of war, disaster and monsters follow a single boy on his road to changing the world. Iver Maverick is a Darkling, an infernal offspring, who was left behind by his mother as an infant. Raised by the Wild Elf Fermose Iver struggles...

Cassian Eshmon

By Wymsical

38 0 0 1

Cassian Eshmon was a famous Almorian who was captured by the Avian and served his captivity in the [i]Cloudstands[/i], an arena where gladiator battles take place.