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Forget Me Not

By J. I. Rogers

4367 1 0 3436

Thallen Cluster is hosting the annual Science Symposium, and the Par Society has planned a peace rally to coincide with the event. With Korlune and Ankoresh eyeing the proceedings primed for trouble, will the actions of a solitary individual become the catalyst...

Bride Price

By J. I. Rogers

3942 2 0 9885

Siblings Regina and Edric Makon conspire to restore their family fortune after the death of their father, but neither realize what will it ultimately cost them.

Blue Moon

By J. I. Rogers

2920 1 0 8722

An extreme solar event wreaks havoc across Tamyrh, but when astronomer Dr. Amsel Runic questions the evidence it triggers something far more deadly.


By marlalanderson

4981 1 0 7337

Climate change ravages Earth, a man-made plague forces millions into segregated camps, and the hope of finding a new world withers under threat of an alien attack. To ensure mankind's survival, two men take opposing paths. At the age of ten, Daniel Walker...

Electronic Auguries

By John Perceval Cain

16472 2 0 13544

Members of Earth’s Innominate Council just revived Alex. She has kept all her procedural memories. But doesn’t remember who she is. Alex learns they have augmented her with both cybernetics and genetic changes. The Council places her on a Team which is planning...

Blood Myst: Bleeding Aegis Book 1

By Ailill Blackwood

71856 0 0 202132

The world of Anogwin is fraught with danger. In this world of Elves and Dragons, is in an age where magic-powered technology known as Mystech is commonplace. But this world is far from paradise. Defensive walls are necessary for every city and town because...

Shadowrun 5 : Rågnårøk

By LokiOdinson

11904 0 0 7350

Une campagne écrite par moi-même que je fais subir à mes joueurs. Une ancienne menace qui a déjà fait tremblé le monde va essayer de faire pire cette fois-ci. Et quand on sait qu'ils veulent juste éradiquer l'humanité, il y a de quoi s'inquiéter. Heureusement,...

Welcome to Hazard City

By ezeigler22

53822 4 0 16667

After a lifetime of going from one war to another Dylan Price wanted one day where he can drink in peace, but when a former hooker is killed while under his protection he wants to know why.

The Surrealist's Manuscript

By darknano

30212 0 0 9985

The Surrealist's Manuscript is a biography detailing the life of Doctor Madison as they navigate through a post-pandemic landscape researching strange anomalies and internalizing the nature of what the world used to be, and how it got to now. Doctor Madison,...

Alley Cats: Short Fiction

By spacetrash

10869 0 0 0

Short fiction from the cyberpunk world. ---[br] Cover photo: Ming Chen ([u][url:]original photo on[/url][/u])